Collets and Tool Holders

Titan Chuck- HSK - Ultra-precision tool holders



Extremely high clamping force of 1900 Nm with precision concentricity of >.003mm allowing for longer tool life as well as better edge quality. Balanced G2.5 @ 25,000 RPM (HSK 63) G2.5 @ 50,000 RPM (HSK 32). Highly recommended when using diamond polishing tool. (1) 10nM torque key included with each order.

Titan clamping chucks offer an excellent choice for CNC machines featuring the HSK tool interface. The tempered and ground tool holder far surpasses the clamping accuracy achievable with a typical collet and nut. This is attributed to its ability to securely grip the tool shank in a perfectly concentric manner throughout the entire length of the shaft.