LMT Onsrud

Onsrud Cutter Manufacturing Company would grow and evolve into the word-class innovator of cutting tools that is known today as LMT Onsrud. While LMT Onsrud still manufactures tooling for industrial woodworking, its product portfolio of solid carbide tooling is one of the most diverse on the market today. With a reputation for precision products, quick deliveries and technically focused solutions, 

Onsrud Aluminum Finisher, 2 Flute End Mills, standard length, 0.030 corner rad, ZRN coated CNC Router Bit


SKU: AMC800047 LMT Onsrud

* Designed for Heavy Material Removal Rates
* The Sinusoidal Chipbreaker Pattern is Optimized to Slot 30% Faster than a Standard Design.
* Unique Coolant Through Design Directs the Coolant at the Cutting Edge.