XEDGE - XK4050-D 50° WIDIA style MULTICAM KNIFE BLADES/Drag Knife Blades



The XEDGE XK4050-D Multicam Knife Blades are precision-cutting tools designed for a wide range of materials, providing exceptional performance and precision cutting capabilities. Here are three key selling points for this product:

- **High-Grade Solid Carbide**: The XEDGE XK4050-D blades are crafted from high-grade solid carbide, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting sharpness. This material is known for its superior hardness and wear resistance, making it ideal for consistently delivering precise cuts on various materials without wearing out quickly.

- **50° Dual Cutting Edges**: These Multicam Knife Blades feature a 50° angle with dual cutting edges, allowing for versatile cutting applications on different materials. Whether you are working with folding carton, plastics, foil, PVC, or textile fabrics, the 50° angle provides a balance between sharpness and strength, resulting in clean and accurate cuts every time.

- **Versatile Cutting Performance**: With the XEDGE XK4050-D blades, you can elevate your cutting performance across a range of materials. Whether you are in the packaging industry working with folding carton and foil, or in the textile industry cutting fabrics, these blades offer precision and efficiency. Upgrade your cutting tools to XEDGE XK4050-D Multicam Knife Blades for a superior cutting experience.