TRX700055 - LMT Onsrud - Solid Carbide end mill - 7 Flute, 0.030 Corner Rad, X Coated


SKU: TRX700055 LMT Onsrud

TRX - 7 Flute - Solid Carbide End Mill; Specializing in Tooling for CNC Machining Centre's, Aerospace.  High efficiency milling (HEM)) toolpaths can reduce cycle times and offer greater reliability.

HEM Enables:
■ Higher material removal rates thanks to chip thinning
■ Stabilizes the tool in the cut and provides even wear

TRX700055 by LMT Onsrud is the perfect tool for CNC machining centers, specializing in aerospace. With 7 flutes and a 0.030 corner radius, it offers high efficiency milling and reduces cycle times up to 60%. Its HEM technology stabilizes and evacuates heat, resulting in smooth cutting, consistent reliability, and higher flute count for increased core strength.

along the cutting edge
■ Imparts less stress in the workpiece by evacuating
heat with the chip
■ Light radial engagement allows for higher flute
count and increased core strength in the end mill

Benefits of TRX-7:
■ Cycle time reductions up to 60% on average
■ Smooth cutting characteristics
■ Consistent process reliability
■ Radial depth of cut (ae) up to 10% of Diameter
■ HEM Profiling and finish machining of ISO-S materials

Optimum Cutting Performance:
■ Unequal flute spacing and modified helix angles provide ideal
harmonic dampening for smooth cutting characteristics.
■ Highly controlled micro geometry with a special edge preparation
ensures consistent performance.
■ A new nanocomposite “X” coating formulated with excellent wear
resistant qualities for titanium.
■ Optional chip splitter feature for applications where chip control
is of utmost concern.
■ HEM Profiling with 7-10% radial engagement
■ Finishing operations
■ Applications in ISO-S titanium alloy

Roughing, Heavy Profiling, HEM Profiling