Onsrud 31-000 Series High Speed Steel Cutter CNC Router Bit


SKU: 31-010 LMT Onsrud

Designed primarily for use on aluminum core, offering the versatility of smaller sizes for use on hand-held machines in field or maintenance type repairs. This cutter offers the strength of an integral shank and blade that has an edge sharpness unattainable with any other material. This sharpness and the relieved bottom yield part surfaces that require a minimum of preparation before bonding operation.


 Core Type Rank
Aluminum, Lo Density (Less than 5#/cuft) 1
Aluminum, Hi Density (More than 5#/cuft) 2
Paper 1
Paper, Reinforced N
Fiberglass N
Phenolic N
Polycarbonate N
Aramid N

1- Excellent, 2 - Good, N-Not Recommended