Onsrud 54-775 Series - 4, 6 & 8 flute, Solid Carbide Low-Helix Rougher- Finisher Upcut


SKU: 54-792 LMT Onsrud

The roughing profile on the 54-775 series reduces lateral pressure while the finishing geometry leaves a smooth edge as it sheers the fiber reinforcement. This unique rough and finish geometry reduces the number of passes within the operation.

This routing tool series is ideal for ramping and plunging. Results can be achieved through trimming, slotting, or HEM profiling as well.

54-775 series feature Nanosphere coating for enhanced tool life.

4 Flutes: 54-790/54-792/54-776/54-778
6 Flutes: 54-780/54-782/54-783
8 Flutes: 54-784/54-785/54-786


Applications:  Roughing - Semi-Finishing - Finishing

USAGE: Fiber-reinforced composite (FRC)