Amana 45791 Carbide Tipped Double Edge Folding V-Groove


SKU: 45791 Amana Tools

Discover precision carving with our Amana 40784 Solid Carbide Carving tool. Engineered specifically for shaping Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), this tool boasts a 135° angle V-groove design, perfect for creating precise cuts with flat bottoms.

Crafted for routing V-shaped grooves, our tool seamlessly removes aluminum covers and portions of polyethylene cores. This process facilitates easy folding and creasing of the remaining material, enabling efficient fabrication of wall panels and similar structures.

The Amana 40784 Solid Carbide Carving tool is a versatile solution tailored for professionals in architecture, construction, and signage industries. Its precision-engineered design ensures consistent performance, while its durable construction guarantees longevity even under rigorous usage.

Achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in ACM shaping tasks with our Amana 40784 Solid Carbide Carving tool. Whether you're working on intricate architectural designs or large-scale panel fabrication projects, this tool is your ultimate companion for precise, high-quality results.

Experience the difference with our Amana 40784 Solid Carbide Carving tool and elevate your aluminum composite material shaping capabilities to new heights.